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We specialise in travel and exploration, science and technology, architecture, gardening and agriculture, illustrated books, literature, decorative bindings, history and rare books.

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Summer is arriving - or has already - and after the busy season of Spring fairs, we can relax somewhat and look forward to all the pleasures that the Loire valley offers. In our immediate vicinity : concerts of classical music at the Cunault Abbey and delightful 11th century Trèves church , and in the tiny country church of Saint-Pierre en Vaux, Flamenco festival, exhibitions in our Saint-Eusèbe church and visits to our very special gallo-roman amphitheatre.

But don’t think we are idle ! We have decided to take advantage of this pre-Summer period and have a good look at our stock, and in particular those old favourites which – like our stray cats – seem determined to make their home with us. We are giving them – or us – a second chance and as from mid-May will revise downwards a certain number of our prices, to make way for our new stock. This process should be finished during July and our on-line catalogue will be updated progressively each week with the new prices.
We invite you to have a look from time to time, and perhaps adopt one of these books which have so far been overlooked or neglected, unjustly for many.
And of course, should your car, train, bike or own two feet bring you to Gennes and one of the most pleasant regions of France, we should be delighted to introduce you to our old, and new, bibliophilic treasures, together with our fine local food and wine…

Jean-Pierre & Sue Fouques

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