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We specialise in travel and exploration, science and technology, architecture, gardening and agriculture, illustrated books, literature, decorative bindings, history and rare books.

We are open all year round by appointment.

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The 9th and 10th March we will be in the historical "Hotel des Penitentes" in Angers for a small antiquarian book fair and exhibition of great botanical books from the Angers arboretum Library organised in La Doutre, on Angers right bank, the theme of which is "Books and Plants".

Our special catalogue "Tous les Peuples du Monde" based on an important collection of ethnography books , will be published at the end of March.

In April will take place the marvellous "International Rare Books and Fine Art Salon" in the Paris Grand-Palais, organised by the SLAM from 12th - 14th April. Here you will find over one hundred and fifty antiquarian booksellers from all over the world.

The rest of the time we will be "chez nous", where we are always delighted to receive visitors wishing to discover our books, and our delicious Angevine environment.

Jean-Pierre & Sue Fouques

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